flipOn Raw Run – Talaide with friends


Our Portuguese agent Joao “flipon” Martins is a lesser known but integral part of the team here at Hackbrett. He takes advantage of the year round sunshine and skates everything with a natural style, flow and board feel that is only achievable by true commitment. Commitment partly to skateboarding, but also to fun. The pure joy of standing on a board and feeling the wind rushing by. You won’t see him without a smile on his face if his feet are on a skateboard. It’s an honour to have him riding our boards, and he is a perfect test pilot for our ideas.


Here’s a short clip of him skating a local spot with his buddies. If you have some time, watch a few more of his videos, get inspired, then go outside and skate, create your own style, let your feet do the thinking! Big hugs all of our friends in Portugal!



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