Three races down, two to go. After Saturdays race, the standings are as follows:



results table 2016-01



More pics and words to follow shortly. For now, I’d like to thank everyone for coming along to the biggest and best race (by far) I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Special thanks to the spotters and marshals!



The trophy


This year there is a trophy up for grabs for the overall season winner. It looks like this:


Max Hild pic
Hand shaped custom Hackbrett trophy. Max Hild pic. More pics here.


As the winner you not only get the trophy, but a picture of you in action at a race will be used as the basis for next years trophy!



Hay bales


This Saturday we decided that hitting a haybale = 1 euro. It was funny idea, but it was the same guys who are handing over their 5 euro entry fee knowing they’ll never see it again, that are hitting the haybales. If we use bales again it will be different, I don’t want to punish less confident or unlucky riders!!


The haybales did their job! Max Hild pic



Looking forward


Two races to go to decide the title…provisional dates are 19th March and 23rd April. 


The racetrack used last Saturday, I feel, is probably the most interesting one we’ve used so far. Next year I hope to organise some shuttles and race down past the last right hairpin.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback or suggestions.