Last night I returned home late from the infamous Pogo Party, my body hurt all over from slamming in various bowls and my brain hurt even more. All I wanted to do was sleep. I thought nothing could keep me awake. “Ding!” as my phone connected to wifi. Ugh… ok, a quick look at whats happened in the real world. And to my utmost disbelief, I saw something truly incredible.


You see, our French agent, Johan Bouet, took a Wasser Flex II with him last time he left Freiburg. I’ve been riding the Flex I (stiffer) version for over a year now and people call me crazy. I’m not, by the way. But maybe he is. This is what happens when you bounce (gently) on the Flex II with 70kg:



And so naturally when I see a video with the title “Johan Bouet raw run Peyragudes 2016”, theres no way I can sleep without watching it first. And so, without further ado, for your viewing pleasure: Johan Bouet, 100kmh with all the style and flow of the world. On THAT board. Poetry in motion.



Words aren’t enough to describe just how next level this is. Mind blowing. Years and years of industry standard laid aside for the sake of having fun. Thats our whole mission here at Hackbrett, and yet I still can’t take in just how unbelievable it is. 110kmh has been reported.


And as if that wasn’t enough, “ding!” again. Another video, another road, another rider. Same board. Same incredible sense of awe to witness what he is doing on it. Is that possible? Surely not. Yet the evidence is here in front of our eyes. Thib “La Roullete”, we salute you. Riding for Madrid Skateboards but taking the time to try something new…and at the same time redefining what we know is possible in downhill skateboarding.



You can find more info on the Wasser on our website and on


Embrace the bounce, ride from your heart and vive la France!


Update: Thanks to Longboard Magazin for the nice write up:

And to SkateSlate too!