Outlaw Race

The third race of this seasons “Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series” will go ahead this Saturday at an as yet undisclosed location near to Freiburg.


Treffpunkt: Layback Freiburg Skateshop um 10:00.


There is very little space available for us to drive you to the spot this time. The meeting point is therefore at Layback where hopefully we can fit everyone into cars and get them to the track.


The track will not be incredibly fast, but rather a small but technical track in the vineyards allowing less experienced riders to join in, and more experienced riders to battle hard.


Carvin Marvin chasing current points leader Janto last month – © andreas-seemann.com


There are a few rules particular to these races:

  • One push starts
  • Only one set of wheels allowed
  • One push after a crash
  • 5EU entry fee – prize money for the podium
  • Helmet and gloves mandatory – full face and knee pads recommended


Shuttle bus will be available depending on numbers – above 25 and things will get tight! If not, the track will be shortened to 1km or less to make walking more feasible.


This is an unorganized skate session that you participate in at your own risk.


Smiles guaranteed.

Miniramp Session

Layback is open as normal on Saturday, 12:00 – 16:00.


Miniramp skating 17:00 – 22:00.


Beer guaranteed.