The tallest and most despicable of the four bandits has been imprisoned the longest and therefore has a lot of pent up energy to let loose. He is of course also wider than his brothers.


A newschool skateboard in XXL format is nothing new and has had a legitimate place in every solid lineup since the early days. The plank is suitable for downhill, enjoys itself immensely in standup slides around corners, likes to do tricks and flows through transitions. And since Averell was on a strict diet in jail, and thanks to our core construction, is a featherweight and is truly agile enough to do all of that.


Concerning the core, that’s exactly what is so important in this deck. Firstly you have the choice between maple topsheet and edel veneer – bamboo, walnut or tepa – with which a carbon stringer is standard. Then you decide between trannie and street cores. Competely over the top, as normal, is the hollow core WNT version.


Averell Ahorn

Simple, cheap and robust. Low maintenance even when the going gets tough. Not the lightest version, but not exactly heavy. Recommended minimum rider weight of 70kg, as well as a lot of pop in the legs to truly skate and destroy this board.


Averell bamboo, walnut or tepa with Street core

 Noticeably lighter as the maple version. Dry pop. Carbon stringer as standard and reinforced rails. More than meets the eye, it loves to fly, and slides happily its whole life long.


Averell bamboo, nut or tepa with Transition core

Another step lighter than the street core. Pop like a bouncy ball, reinforced with a carbon stringer. You will not believe how high one can ollie a plank like this. For lightfooted riders who can take care of their material.


Averell bamboo, nut or tepa with WNT core

With the WNT core, any material that doesn’t have a job in the core is mined out, leaving only air in its place. Still another step lighter as the transition core, and each level of pop is available on request. Delivery time 3-4 weeks.


Technical Data

  • Length: 99cm
  • Width: 23,5cm
  • Wheelbase: 51cm


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