In Freiburg, we take the train until Himmelreich trainstation, and roll lazily back along the Dreisam river to the city. Then maybe grab a kebab and sit a while at Augustinerplatz. Or perhaps its one of those days when you simply use your board to get to uni, school or work. On the way home in rains…no worries, its not too big or heavy and is easy to carry. The next day you meet some friends for a slide session and put the board sideways. You do a few tricks and moves between runs. Like every day, you haven’t left the house without your Dreisam.


We laminated practicality, transport ability, trick potential, liveliness and smoothness into this board. Camber and rocker work as one braced with a carbon stringer. This allows the board to pop and trick and jump, without allowing it to become squirly when speed builds up. The pockets and gas pedals are virtually non-existent in everyday use, but act as a magnet for your feet in a slide session.



Technical data

  • Length: 101cm
  • Breite: 24cm
  • Wheelbase: 66,5cm
  • Truck mounts: Oldschool Dropthrough
  • Concave: 3D Concave
  • Longitudinal profile: Rocker, Camber, Nosekick, Tailkick
  • Features: Gaspedals, 3D Shape, Pockets, Wheel Wells
  • Weight class: 40-75kg

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