Is that not the Hackbrett Killer? Well, yes, it is. We adopted a small name change. At the time the Dreisam entered the lineup, the Höllental/Killer underwent a change, one that we wanted to highlight with a new name: the clear classification as a freeride board.


It is especially noticeable in the flex II version, which we really streamlined. The true character is the of the pure blooded wild boar. It lays calmly, doesn’t fidget, runs on instinct and slides precisely. The Höllental loves high speed. Bäm Oida!


Actually it was always fairly obvious that the Höllental would hold its place as one of our most popular boards. The wild boar has a gentle side in its everyday life. The rocker is nice and deep and the 3D concave features with pockets and gas pedals slip into the overall feeling without stress. Oh, and there are also mini nose and tail kicks. Your play instinct is taken care of.


Technical data

  • Length: 101cm
  • Width: 24,7cm
  • Wheelbase: 75,5
  • Drill pattern: Drop Through
  • Concave: 3D Medium
  • Longitudinal profile: Rockershape
  • Features: Tailkick, Nosekick, Wheelwells, sm. Gaspedals,
  • Weight class: 60-90kg


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