A shrunken version of the Balance, designed as a city cruiser. The shorter wheelbase makes the board turnier and lighter; the roots are the same.

An everyday companion in the urban world. The board is still wide enough to find a good spot for your feet. The small kicktail takes care of kerbs with ease, and offers infinite wheelie capability. Camber and flex work together for flowy carves and lively sharp turns. And all in a board that you can easily pick up and carry or quickly put on a rucksack. And if you want to go a little faster after all? No worries, the Luft will let you carve and brake safely even as the wind starts whipping all around.

Technical data

  • Material: Ahorn, Glasfaser
  • Length: 93cm
  • Width: 24cm
  • Wheelbase: 63cm
  • Truck mounts: Oldschool Topmount
  • Concave: Hybrid-Medium
  • Longitudinal profile: Camber, Tailkick
  • Features: Wheel Wells
  • Weight class: 40-80kg

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