High quality balsa surfboards from our Yellowfoot neighbours, produced exclusively for us!

Having mainland Europe as a dwelling generally means so little time at the ocean, that paddle power can be somewhat lacking. Longboards are not always an option for travel due to space restrictions. Our Hackbrett Swallowtail is therefore short and practical for all types of trips. It glides well, duckdives and is playful in a wide range of waves. A jack of all trades once again. Did you expect anything else?

It paddles great, works in anything from 2 feet to well overhead, and can be ridden as a quad or a thruster. The true character is carving, the rails cut cleanly through the water in turns. As a thruster, nice and turny, as a quad, like on rails.

Thanks to the balsa, there is no plastic in the core, and Yellowfoot also respects the environment with their choice of adhesive. A board like this will be by your side your whole surfing life. Accordingly, we kept the graphics simple and timeless.

Exclusively available at Layback Skateshop

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Technical data

  • Material: Balsa, Epoxy
  • Length: 6.3′
  • Width: 19 3/4“
  • Thickness/Volume:  2 1/4“ with 30,6L OR 2 1/2“ with 33,1 L
  • FCS Fin System