Astounding performance for a board of its length. The Wasser offers unbelievably pure soulriding. With the Wasser, we’ve created a whole new category of board, and it’s the only one of its kind.


Now in its fifth revision, the Wasser is one of the oldest boards in our lineup and is designed for carving without compromise. You will be left speechless by the liveliness and maneuverability of the board, engineered by the camber, the light core with the creamy flex and the slightly wedged truck mounts. The Wasser loves tight corners despite its length, and also feels at home whilst freeriding. You can throw in little standup slides whilst cruising down the bike path, whip out a few cross steps, or carve with 60km/h. This board gives you full contact with the road, with life, with the present. Hackenstein hardly rides any other board. With the original Wasser he raced World Cup tracks, riding with speeds comfortably into triple digits. Meanwhile, its civilised in everyday life, filled to the brim with flow. Probably the best board that we’ve ever built.


Which flex or core is for me?

Generally, one rides the Wasser in the softer, flex II, version. Up to 85kg rider weight, it offers a board that masters everything from dancing to downhill. If someone wants specifically to make harder tricks or often rides over 80kmh, the flex I version comes into the question. From 85kg to 100kg, flex I is the right choice.


Heavier riders, over 100kg, should take advantage of the Hotzi Hardcore version, in which all fibreglass is replaced with carbon. Thanks to the carbon, the flex is more defined and the board no longer sags under heavy loads. Let us know your weight and preferences when you order and we’ll adjust the flex accordingly. All the way up to the 130kg Bud Spender version for soulful carving, we’ve built everything.


Technically experienced riders with good board feel can get the maximum performance out of the WNT core. The hollow milled core makes the board noticeably lighter and super agile. Carbon is also necessary here and it brings a lot of pop into the board. Slides can be placed with millimetre precision. Flex II WNT is our insider tip!

Technische Daten

  • Length: 130cm
  • Width: 26cm
  • Wheelbase: 91,4cm
  • Truck pattern: Oldschool Topmount
  • Concave: Hybrid-High
  • Longitudinal profile: Camber, Nosekick, Tailkick
  • Features: Wheel Wells, Pockets, Gaspedals, Truck mounts +3°/-3°, KLK core
  • Weight class: from 50kg



Wasser Bamboo


Wasser Tepa


Wasser Nut


Suggestions for complete setups

Comfort-orientated riders and speedfreaks alike are well advised with the Adam Yates wheel from Hawgs Wheels. Speed, grip and excellent slide performance at high speeds really distinguish this wheel.


A more playful option is to run the Wasser with Boss Hawgs. They slide out into drifts a little easier, and therefore also are easy enough to put sideways whilst cruising around. Nevertheless, it’s a wheel that likes to roll fast and with grip, so it’s a perfect choice to enjoy carving and longer missions.


Bear Grizzly 852 Trucks are super agile and are the first choice for a cruising orientated Wasser. If you want to go a little faster now and then, flipping the hanger is a good option. The rake (axle offset) is then negative which offers a smoother, more linear and predictable turn, and therefore more stability.


The Bear Kodiak comes with a 45 degree angle baseplate and is forged. This brings stability and directness into the product. A truly first class freeride setup for a fair price. Noticeably better performance as the speed increases, yet still civilised enough for cruising.


For those that want to treat themselves, the Skoa Vapor 47 ° offers the ultimate feeling. The fluid turn of the truck in connection with the flex of the Wasser is an absolute dream. Whats fascinating is that with the same truck setup, it works just the same at walking pace in the city as a speedy mountain carving session. Slides are simply ultra-precise with the Skoas.


Don’t hesitate to e-mail if you have your own idea for a setup!

How was the Wasser developed? Read the Shapers Note here.

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